An aerospace company based in the US has planned to prepare an expandable propeller plane. It can easily fly via sulphurous atmosphere of Venus in the year 2021. In this challenging project, we can see that the plane cruise can pass through the skies of Venus. It will take a sample from the alien atmosphere of Venus for further analysis and research.

Few Essential Features of VAMP

It will be possible to observe the surface of Venus only from distance of fifty kilometres up. However, this plane is going to be a big financial issue for funding of USD 1 billion from NASA for flying. This is named as Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform (VAMP), which is a concept taken from Northrop Grumman Company. VAMP will have a wingspan of around fifty-five metres and with the approximate top speed of around 220km/h.

More about VAMP

As per the recent release of ‘Space News’, a temperature of ground on the planet Venus is nearby 460 degrees Celsius. The surroundings surface pressure is equal to ninety Earth atmospheres. A famous researcher at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado named Constantine Tsang said that survival on the surface of Venus for more than four hours can be dangerous.

However, the VAMP will be flown to around 50 to 70 km at the height from the surface of Venus, where temperatures will be around 15 degrees Celsius. Here, atmospheric pressure will approximately equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth.

 VAMP will just be carried to the planet Venus through a spacecraft and after reaching into the orbit will be detached itself and will reach the Venus atmosphere. This great mission is planned for its launch in the year 2021.

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