Everybody is aware of the immense success of movie ‘Avatar’, which brought revolution in 3D cinemas.

Yes, we are talking about world’s biggest movie ‘Avatar’, which is also going to release its sequel in the year 2020. There was substantial use of new motion capture filming techniques in the film. The film was released for traditional viewing, 3D viewing and also for 4D in few South Korean theatres.

Do You Know?

Avatar was initially started developing since the year 1994 by James Cameron (who was the director, writer, producer and co-editor of the film), who wrote about eighty-page treatment for the film. Production of the film ‘Avatar’ was decided to start just after completion of James Cameron’s another film ‘Titanic’ in the year 1997. But Cameron felt that essential technology required for producing the film ‘Avatar’ was not available at the time.

Movie Avatar

Good News for Avatar Fans

James Cameron is soon going to release next three sequels of ‘Avatar’ and the first one will be coming in the year 2020. Facebook page of the movie has depicted the information that James Cameron regarding sequels of the film that ‘Avatar 2’ will be released on Dec 18th, 2020 and ‘Avatar 3’ will be released on Dec 17th, 2021 simultaneously. The franchise of the film will be taking around three years break before launching ‘Avatar 4’ in the year Dec 19th, 2025.

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