TVS just broke the internet with their revel of Apache RR 310. When you look at the 312.22 cc bike, you will know the reason why! Apache RR 310 is a thoroughbred sports bike that looks sporty and made with perfection and quality in mind.

Every single reviewer who had ridden this new bike is in awe of the amount of detail TVS has put on designing the bike. It looks great and feels much more responsive than any other bike in its class. The engine is a BMW derived single cylinder 312 cc engine that’s been specifically tuned by TVS for the Apache.

BMW Engine, Tuned By TVS

If you have heard of such a BMW 312 cc engine, then yes, it is the same engine that is going to be used in BMW 310R.

TVS and BMW use an unconventional design with the reversed cylinder head. It means that the intake is at the front and the exhaust will be from the opposite side. It gives the bike more swing arm freedom. Hence Apache 310RR is one of the best handling bikes in this category. The bike also had dual channel ABS.

An Affordable Choice For The Youth

The TVS apache 310RR Price is set at 2.05 Lakhs, making this an approachable bike for youngsters. The bike can reach 0-60kmph in 2.9 seconds, marking the company’s signature in the sports bike arena!

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