Presently, there are more than 2.80 billion active social media users globally and when we enter into a new year; there will be certainly an upsurge in the number. A lot can change in 12 months, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and overall market trends.

Let us check top 3 social media trends in 2018 we will be witnessing:

  1. Ephemeral Content- The New King:

In the year 2018, you’ll regularly come across the buzzword, Ephemeral Content. Some of the best examples are- Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories and Live Streaming Videos. Daily, millions of videos are uploaded on these platforms and in 2018; this content would see a definite rise.

  1. Influencer Marketing:


Social media influencers will continue to dominate the platform. In the year 2017, influencer marketing was a huge hit and will continue to rise in 2018. However, there will be few changes including the introduction of intelligent chat bots to represent social media and make them engaged with users.

  1. A Solid Push to Augmented Reality:

You might have heard about the Augmented Reality and social media was the major booster. In the year 2018, there will be a major expansion of Augmented Reality as Instagram and Snapchat will come with filters that can be viewed via AR.


Social media trends in 2018 will be in whole new phase. Brands will take advantage of every aspect of the platform to stay in the competitive market. It would be fun to see what’s in the store.

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