Let’s go to Lake Maninjau!

Have you ever gone to Indonesia? If you haven’t, then you should make it as one of your next travel destination. There’s one place that you can go, here. It is the well-known Lake Maninjau.

Lake Maninjau is one of the most beautiful lakes that you can see in Indonesia. This untouched lake is situated in West Sumatra.

As one of the natural wonders in Indonesia, this lake is coming in the form of a volcanic crater that stood proudly about 461 meters above the sea level. For you who want to have a holiday in a quiet and serene place, this tourist attraction will be the perfect choice for you.

Trekking to this place is a journey, too. From Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, for every steep road down, you have to meet 44 hairpin turns which will make your heart beat faster. Your adrenaline will be rushing as you will face many twists and bends.

But, all the road that you’ve to take will worth every effort that you give. The ride will be eventually eventful as you will be accompanied by beautiful views of the blue lake, green lush, and wonderful surrounding hills. For more post follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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