February is the month of love and romance, as the world celebrates Valentine week in this month. Taking a romantic portrait of your lover can be an ideal way to show your affection towards him or her.


You don’t need to have a professional photographer to get the best portrait. Here, we are going to discuss few guidelines for taking high-quality romantic photographs.

Know Your Subject

Your subject is the person, whose photograph you are going to take. Let’s go in the depth of this point. Your subject is not only the person but also an expression of warmth, mood, openness and the love you want to express in your portrait. It is a romantic photograph, so it should be taken just after a subject is in a relaxed position and looking the best.

How to Focus Attention on the Subject? 

To take pictures, it is perfect to make the person large and up front inside the picture. The head and shoulders of the subject should fill the frame in the portrait. You don’t want to stand even closer than four to five feet in distance. Thus, for filling the frame you should use a medium-long lens or a zoom. The ideal lenses for portraits lie between 85mm and 135mm in focal length.

Simplification of the Subject

The most general problems in the portraits of people may be their distracting backgrounds. It may contain clutter, things such as trees and chimneys that appear ugly in a sense. Having simple background is the best. If you are photographing at the indoors, choose a cool coloured wall. You may also consider hanging a sheet or blanket for using as a background. It is essential to remove the distracting objects from the background.

Right Outfit

Suggest the subject to wear dark clothing and to avoid checks, stripes, and bigger patterns. Commonly, the long-sleeved outfit looks better than short-sleeved ones. For ladies, high neckline fits best than a plunging one. In case, your subject has bright blue or green eyes, he or she should wear clothes of the same colour to highlights the eyes. Also, the colour of the background and outfit should not be the same.

Right, Posture

Keep your subject natural looking and relaxed to take the best portrait of him or her. Choose a simple stool or a chair with a low back for a subject. If your subject remains to stand, suggest him or her to stand at an angle. His or her head and shoulders should be towards the camera. It makes him or her look slimmer. Don’t ask him or her to have a big smile. Rather ask for a hint of smile or smile in your eyes. Make sure that your subject has something to hold while standing. It may be a flower, a book or gloves.

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