In the market of messaging apps, individuals have a number of options to choose and stay connected with people. Telegram messenger app is on the list but is way ahead then WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and others.

Telegram is not just a messaging app but an entire communication system in itself which stands a step ahead, not bound by any kind of limitations like other popular messaging apps.


Reasons to switch to Telegram messenger app:


All the messages interacted by Telegram users on the platform are totally safe from hacker attacks.


The speed of interaction of messages is faster on Telegram as compared to any other messaging app.


Messages and files on Telegram are completely safe, which ensures total privacy of all user information.


As Telegram is a non-profit organization; it does not show any ad on its platform and will never show it even in the future.


One of the best features of Telegram messenger app is works on every major platform like- Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other web browsers.

Cloud Storage:

Unlike other apps, Telegrams saves chats and media on the cloud. With this, users can have access to files and chats from any device.

Easy File Sharing:

WhatsApp limits its users in sharing bigger size file and even some files are compressed. However, in Telegram messenger app, users can share file size up to 1.5GB max.
Now you can even share status on Facebook and Instagram.


Being aware of the benefits of Telegram messenger app, if you feel your friends should use it, then share this information with them. Install Telegram on your Smartphone and encourage your friends to do the same.

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