Engineering and Technology have become increasingly beneficial to the world -Recent Trends.

The issue to consider is that the Engineering Trends are constantly changing to meet the global demands.


There is demand from the users and the government on innovation and expertise.

The three of the biggest trend metrics to look for:

The trend of sustainable development and practices

Engineering firms are looking for ways to make their products more sustainable. Hence there is a large requirement for engineers who are skilled in eco-friendly sustainable development. The trend towards most of the engineering fields is associated with resource extraction and its effects from the field of petroleum engineering, water resource engineering, chemical engineering, wind energy engineering and solar engineering etc. In the fields of sustainable development engineering, engineers are responsible for determining the most efficient ways of extracting natural resources such as extracting oil, natural gas, and minerals etc. Sustainable technology will also continue to grow in trend as the rise in the need for innovation and growth in these fields rises. The companies continue to look for more sustainable ways to acquire energy for users.

Energy efficiency and carbon emission

Another growing concern related to sustainable development is the trend towards the production of efficiency in energy and eliminating or reducing the emission of carbon particles. Energy consumption is the crisis of nations and has become an increasingly large issue. The call to reduce carbon emissions has become the most significant political issue in the last few years. There is an increasing pressure being put on corporates and governments to drastically reduce their carbon emission.

Engineers specializing in energy efficiency are in great demand in both corporate, private and government sectors.

Smart Technologies for Smart Cities

Smart technologies play a vital role in the enriching the society through the usage of e-governance, e-education, e-health, communication and other sectors. The Enhancement of smart infrastructure impacts the advancement of both public and private sector citizens. It also supplements and improves the quality of life, thereby helping in the growth of citizen-centred transparent services and knowledge-based society.

Nano Technology

Nano Technology is an interdisciplinary field of engineering. It is the study of extremely small things across various fields in science, engineering, material science etc.

India just rising in the development of Nanotechnology and it will require a few years for this field to become established in India.  Nanotechnology is doing very well abroad, especially in nations such as USA, UK, Germany, China etc.

Emerging IT Industry Technology Trends:

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