For parents, the biggest concern is their kids spending hours on smartphones and playing games on computers. This has certainly reduced their time on spending outdoor activities.

There are cases where kids after few years face Myopia- also known as near-sightedness where the light entering into the eyes does not directly focus on the retina. This is because of low inflow of natural lights. Hence outdoor games for kids are the best way to boost their eyesight.

Effect of Low Natural Light

According to the experts, the major reason behind the eyesight problem in kids is the lack of natural light. Kids who study a lot and spend more time indoor using smartphone or computer are less exposed sunlight. With short-sightedness becoming more common, for parents it is important to push their kids for outdoor games.

More Outdoor, More Protective

There is no surprise that kids spending more time playing outdoor games will have a protective effect and witness reduction in the chance of facing myopia problem. The rise of Myopia is also due to near-sighted parents, which increases the chance of glasses for kids. Spending more time in outdoor games, at least 14 hours per week can certainly neutralize the genetic risk.


Well preventing your kids from getting exposed to screen time can be a task; the best thing to do is getting them involved in outdoor activities. Parents need to research about the outdoor games for kids and push them to get involved in different activities. Furthermore, providing diet rich food can also help kids to have strong eyesight.

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