When a mother is expecting, there is always need of proper care and healthy diet for her. As a baby grows, there also grows a need for nutritional food and health supplements. Consumption of accurate nutrients is essential for the health of a mother as well as a baby.

Balanced and nutrient-rich diet basically consists of five types of food-fruits, grains, protein, vegetables and dairy products.

Here we are going to discuss nutritional needs of an expecting mother since earlier stage to postpartum-

Prepossession Stage

 Folic acid is an essential nutrient required before and during pregnancy. Intake of a prenatal vitamin (has 400 micrograms folic acid) decreases the risk of occurring any defect in Central Nervous System of a baby after achievement of pregnancy.

 Nutritional Needs of  Women

During Pregnancy

Usually, during pregnancy, both mother and baby are facing constant growth and changes. Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B, iron and folic acid are essential for normal growth of a baby. Vitamin A helps in proper vision, growth and boosting the immune system of the baby. Vitamin B12 helps in the development of RBCs and nervous system of the baby. Vitamin D leads to absorption of calcium in a body of the baby that helps in growth of teeth and bones. Iron helps in growth of the baby and also prevents iron deficiency in a mother during pregnancy.

Postpartum and Breastfeeding Stage

 At breastfeeding stage, a mother needs more nutrients than pregnancy At this stage, a mother should take vitamin B (except folic acid), vitamin A, selenium and iodine, which are usually secreted in the milk of the mother. Women during breastfeeding may not be able to supply all nutrients through milk to a baby. Hence, it essential to take health supplements along with nutritional diet. For more tips follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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