People believe in the usual myth that High BMI shows that a person is unhealthy.

New studies have changed the definition of health and have established the fact that health does not have any concern with BMI.
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BMI is Imprecise Measurement

Athletics having high muscles mass can be regarded as overweight. Only high BMI cannot measure their health level. One also has to consider their eating habits, sleeping patterns, stress levels and much more to assume whether they are healthy or not. They cannot be categorized as unhealthy just because of their high BMI.

On the other side, athletes such as runners usually have low BMI. Thus, they cannot be regarded as healthy just by their appearance. Many of them may be suffering from eating disorders, period loss or others. BMI is just a proportion of bone, muscle, and fat. It is for statisticians and not for the individuals.

Determining Ideal Weight of Someone

An ideal weight of a person is the range that he or she can easily maintain along with eating nourishing foods, moving body and taking care of her or himself. This definition of health is from a health point of view. For a single person, the ideal BMI range may differ from ideal BMI of another person.
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For each person, the definition of health may differ as per their health behaviors and not as per their weight. Healthy weight range is unique for each person and also changes throughout the life. One cannot force himself or herself to gain different body shape other than his or her natural predisposition.

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