Matthi/Chaala/Sardine – The recipe from the paleo-age

Taste buds have never been our friend, yet we do everything to satisfy its cravings. The mouth-watering recipes are aptly described as junks but we will choose to be the garbage bin for the junks.


When I say Mathi / Chaala / Sardine  – Every not-so-good adjective will be associated with it. A cheap food, food for the commoners, classless, tasteless etc. It is unimaginable to the modern elite class that a roasted sardine is that 1 magical food which he/she really needs.

Sardine is rich in Omega-3; Body cannot produce Omega-3

Omega-3 helps in hormonal balance, keeps cholesterol level in balance and improves brain functioning.
This one reason is enough to cover at least 70% people seeking medical help.
With ambitious and capable women choosing to work and make a mark in a career, the biological clock is often ignored. However, women still choose to start her family late. This one magical food is for you so that your hormones don’t punish you for rightly being in love with yourself and your dreams.

Brain development for your kid

This tag-line has the power to exploit the ever-loving parents and has been doing so since ages to propagate and push their health drinks.
How about a roasted sardine a day!

“Would I fit into the section of elite class and be acceptable among peers?”

I am sure the answer to this has always influenced our decision. “Yes, indeed “ – A huge sigh of relief, isn’t it?
A restaurant in Berlin has been successfully bringing back- the caveman lifestyle- the paleo lifestyle. The westerners have welcomed the “Sardine” – The roasted magical food with open hands.
Do we have a reason to shy away, now!

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