According to Atharva Veda, magnetic treatment, magnetotherapy is quite popular for treating several kinds of diseases. We have forgotten this treatment for centuries. Now, homeopaths of many countries like the United States, the Soviet Union, and Japan have recently revived this treatment. This revision has led to a controversy in the New Delhi.

It is due to hazardous side effects of magnetotherapy that are similar to microwave irradiation. This fact has discouraged faithful followers of magnetotherapy.

Followers of magnetotherapy say that it is not a fake science or a miracle cure. This ancient medicine system is now rediscovered.


How Magnetotherapy Treatment Acts?

According to Homeopath Dr. H. L. Bansal, who operates a free of cost magnetotherapy clinic, magnet acts on iron in the blood that accelerates the human metabolism. The influence of the magnetic field on the blood circulation, the muscles, and the nerves treats the various kinds of diseases such as appendicitis, asthma, sprains, sleeplessness etc.

The clinic of Bansal possesses a wide range of magnets that differ in size, shapes, and strengths, as measured by the weights of iron they attract. Most common magnet has a shape of small solid ball sliced in half. It lifts a 10-kg iron weight.

What Opponents Says About the Magnetotherapy?

Zoologist of Delhi University, Dr. K.S. Balasubramaniam says about magnetotherapy that it can damage the brain cells, thereby affecting the pituitary gland and can lead to sterility. His study on the effect of an electromagnetic field on the brain of few animals such as rats and birds showed that magnetic field of 10 gausses can cause deterioration of sperm cells present in the testes within the two weeks of its exposure.

He also said that magnetic field affected the higher centers of the brain that controls the master gland, the pituitary. It also has been revealed that magnetic treatment affects the hormonal balance of human being and disturbs the genetic constitution of the progeny.

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