Google and Alibaba funded start-up Abovitz has finally brought out into the market the “creator edition” of the Augmented Reality Headset Magic Leap One.

The Startup has brainstormed this flagship project way back in 2015. And still, there are no clues about the launch of the consumer release. Let’s not waste time and get a sneak peek into its features and performance.


The Features Of Magic Leap One

This AR Headset appears as a pair of over-sized goggles with extensions like a Light Pack and hand-held controller.

Light wear:

It uses the company’s “digital light field” display technology. It is more of a headgear with several inbuilt sensors to assist in collecting spatial information.


You may call it a mini computer that snaps to your head and is attached to the goggles.


The hand-held control works even in the space. It allows the users to navigate its different menus.

It is also inbuilt with a virtual comic book, six external cameras and four microphones. The speakers it features has the similarity to that of Microsoft’s HoloLens.

How It Performs?

It accepts different input modes such as gestures, eye contact, voice, and head movements. And it is also capable of mapping persistent elements on the earth. For instance, place a virtual television on the wall and you will find it right there in its place where you have left it.

The machine learning process is quite easy with the mini-computing hardware and not to mention- the word detection at the same time.

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