Are you feeling embarrassed due to overweight? Are those extra calories of your body bothering you in front of friends, family and loved ones? If yes, then start using Flaxseeds. Consuming these amazing important seeds will give you a perfect figure to your body and make you look gorgeous.

Even if you are following a strict diet rule but still not losing considerable weight that you have expected. Well, not to worry at all as adding Flaxseeds to your diet can help you a lot. The tiny seeds are thought to be a bundle of nutrients that helps in losing weight by boosting the immune system of the body and suppressing the want for food. Not just this, consuming Flaxseeds in one or other ways keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure, thereby improving blood circulation.

Obtained from Flax plant, these brown seeds are responsible for weight loss that is explained as below:

  1. Rich Source of Fibre

Flaxseeds are a rich source of dietary fibres (a carbohydrate) that human body is unable to digest. Soluble and insoluble dietary fibre present in Flaxseeds is aids in weight loss to a large extent. Soluble fibres are responsible for making a gel-like material that gets in contact with water and digestive juices. This helps in slowing down the absorption of food in the colon and gives you a feeling of stomach full for a long time.  Insoluble fibres of flaxseeds add bulk to the human excreta that, in turn, helps to prevent constipation and promotes emptying of the bowel.

  1. Rich Source of Fatty Acids

The human body can’t produce two very vital essential fatty acids namely Omega-3 & Omega-6 and thus, it should be taken from some external source. Flaxseeds are a rich source of these fatty acids that get converted to phospholipids. On consuming Flaxseeds these fatty acids are transformed into prostaglandin that keeps a balance in the metabolism and helps in losing extra calories of the body.

  1. Rich Source of Lignans

Flaxseeds consists of a large amount Lignans, probably 800 times than all plants. These are phenolic compounds that act as an antioxidant that helps in losing weight by hunting harmful and dangerous free radicals of oxygen.

  1. Rich Source of Proteins

Brown seeds of Flax plants are a rich source of proteins that are hard to digest. Consuming a small quantity of Flaxseeds with dietary fibre suppresses the appetite, thereby preventing the body from overheating. Ultimately, it helps you in losing the weight.

Thus, Flaxseeds helps you losing weight in an effective and safe manner. Make habit of consuming Flaxseeds, along with a fibre-rich diet and exercise and get a slim and trim body you dreamt.

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