Facebook messenger has already been there and so are other messaging apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Now you have a surprise from another Social Media giant Instagram. They are introducing a new messaging app Direct for their users. This messaging app is now available in a few countries like Chile, Israel, and Turkey. With the introduction of this app, Instagram is now planning to shut their inbuilt messaging operation.

Instagram is a popular social media site for photo sharing. It allows its users to perform many activities. This is beside; you can interact with your friends and share your stories on Instagram Stories. Well, do you really need a separate messaging tool when you can perform all these activities with the existing messaging apps like messenger and Whatsapp?

 Features of Direct Messaging

This camera-first app can be connected to the Instagram easily to facilitate the direct conversations for the private time sharing and messaging.

Catching up with your old Instagram friends is easy also. All you need to do is transfer your account to this app and get going. The photo sharing and exchange of sweet conversation is likely to be warmer. You will have access to the exclusive filters like Boomerang and other features also.


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