If you are a fan of Elon Musk and his company Tesla, then you will be overjoyed to know that now India too has got its own Tesla.

Yes, Model X to be precise. The owner of the car is still anonymous, but many sources point to India’ top businessmen.

The model X was imported to India by a buyer. Tesla is popular around the globe due to their all-electric drive vehicles. The model X is no different as Tesla says it is one of the fastest SUVs in the world. The figures are also impressive as the SUV can reach 0-96kmph in 2.9 seconds.


Model X is Packed with features

Model X

This specific SUV is also popular for its gull-winged back doors that open upwards enabling easy access while parking. Model X comes with an eight-year warranty on the batteries as well as the drive train. It encompasses all the model tech stuff in the infotainment unit. It sports as a large interactive touch screen.

The makers’ promise a 480km range on a single full charge. Even though the owner of this one crore SUV is still unknown, the social media has gone all rave about “India’s first Tesla.” Not much is known about Tesla opening up showrooms in India, but the future seems bright a Tesla realizes the Indian craze for electric sedans.

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