Education and experience are just primary things to establish a career. There is also need of valuable soft skills or employability skills for making a long-term and successful career. Only knowledge of a particular field is not sufficient, there is need to apply the knowledge at the proper place.

These are essential skills which add great value to the resume of a candidate. Some of the employability skills are as discussed below-

Communication Skills

Communication is an ability to convey thoughts and ideas either orally or in writing to others. A clear, consistent and creative communication will inspire others to listen to you carefully. They will pay more attention towards you which is a quality of most leaders. It comes under necessary skills of employees today. Some of the techniques of raising communication skills are to have eye contact, perfect body language, having a conversation on time, proper timings for responding etc.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving technique are an integral process which is responsible for the success of any company in the market. Employees must have an ability to evaluate a particular situation, think out of the box and find out creative solutions to current problems. Problem-solving is the thing that creates the difference between overcoming obstacles and giving up for a problem.


Strategic and Abstract Thinking

“Strategy is about understanding the business purpose of a job rather than just the tasks of a job” said by David Hayes. Strategic project management and strategic planning skills will help a candidate to increase the chances of getting a job. It will also help him or her to increase earning potential.

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