Most of the people are quite fascinating about the ocean and its inhabitants. Many students want to be a marine biologist in the future and enjoy their profession.

Some people dream of playing an essential role in the preservation of valuable ocean resources.


Coastal and Marine Management

Due to increase in the human population, abundant world’s coastal resources have become endangered. The coastal and marine management offers safety to marine plants, animals, water resources and natural resources.

Coastal and marine management consist of various topics, including specifics of an ocean, sediment movement, transport, actions of waves, tides and currents, and marine biology and archaeology. Students studying coastal and marine management also have to learn regarding management of conflicts which arises with the use of coastal resources.

Why Study Coastal and Marine Management?

This subject is gaining great scope and is also interesting to learn. There are upcoming many challenges ahead for the preservation of coastal resources.Human population around coastal regions is increasing at a rapid rate.

It is because of rich resources, easy access points to marine trade and transport, recreational and cultural activities etc. Development, as well as utilization of coastal zones, has increased in a great way. All these things have increased the scope of marine and coastal management.


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