The Internet of Things (IoT) is the computing system of interrelated devices, digital machines, objects, people or animals that are implanted with identifiers.


These identifiers can transfer data over a network without requiring any human or computer assistance. IoT is the evolution of the wireless technologies, microservices, and the internet.

Scope of IoT

The devices embedded with a processor connected to the internet and controlled from anywhere. This type of connectivity is helpful for the user to capture more data and ensure an increase in efficiency and performance.

IoT is the transnational force for companies to improve their performance through IoT Analytics and IoT Security.

IoT Analytics

Increase in volume of data from devices using IoT requires data integration. IoT analytics has been successful. About IoT Analytics:

  • Channelize unstructured data to Big Data architectures.
  • Separate data is as per requirements of the user.
  • Collect the semi-structured data and stored in analytics database.
  • Identify patterns with tailored dashboards, compelling visualizations, ad-hoc analysis and applied analytics insights to fine-tune equipment for better operational efficiency.

IoT Security

The IoT security metrics are:

  • Securing the network connecting IoT devices to back-end systems on the internet,
  • Authentication of users and IoT enabled devices,
  • Data encryption in rest and transit.
  • Providing digital certificate and cryptographic key
  • IoT security analytics

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