It is well known that Diabetes is a most prevailing disease in the world. Few diabetics can trust on controlling their blood sugar with help of insulin. But other diabetics necessarily should eat in the smarter way to have control on their blood sugar. These diabetics come in a range of type 2 diabetics. They may need to keep their weight off as it also helps them to prevent the need for medications.

Here, we are going to share a proper diet chart for type 2 diabetics


Highly recommended vegetables are tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus. These veggies should not be fried and should be cooked with help of little olive oil. These are filled with high nutrients. Diabetics must avoid fried and breaded vegetables. These posses excess calories, carbs and fat as well.


Starches can be taken in form of whole-wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, and oats. These provide more amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber than white versions. One should avoid intake of bread, chips, and pastries that raises blood sugar.


Taking a few peaches, oranges, apples, berries, and other fruits is a healthier option. Fruit is low calorie and carbohydrate-rich food. Jellies and artificial fruit juices, rich in sugar should be completely avoided.

Dairy Products

One can take unflavoured and low-fat yogurt, milk and cheese as well. It offers protein, vitamins, calcium, and minerals in appropriate quantity. Full-fat dairy products should be avoided. It offers excess calories and saturated fat that enhances the level of bad cholesterol in the body. It should be noted that there is a high risk of heart diseases in diabetics.


In the protein, diabetic may take fish, tofu, skinless poultry, and beans and lean cut red meat. Diabetics should avoid fatty cuts of meat and processed meat such as sausages and hot dogs.

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