Famous faces have left for the heavenly abode too soon this year. They have left us with their charismatic fantasies and made us yearn them forever. Let’s have a look at these famous faces we have lost so far in 2017 and sneak peek into their careers, lives and long-lasting memories.

Shashi Kapoor

The Indian Film Industry faced a huge loss to cinema due to the sudden demise of the veteran actor Shashi Kapoor. Shashi Kapoor – popularly known as the embodiment of charm and romance worked in almost 148 Hindi movies and 12 English movies. Such was his aura that he could easily create a serpentine queue out of the cinema halls once his movie released.

Om Puri
He was a talented Bollywood actor, whose acting career stretched for almost half a century. He acted in more than 100 films, including British and Hollywood films. He was a critic’s favorite for doing award-winning performances.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner, the man behind the creation of the Playboy Magazine died at the age of 91. His playboy magazine is famous for nude models and smart interviews of the famous personalities. Being a media baron aside, he had tried his luck in a few feature films such as Macbeth and And for Something Completely Different. He appeared in some TV shows as well. He will be always remembered for patronizing social and cultural freedom.

Roger Moore

The handsome guy who portrayed the famous character James Bond in seven movies, died on May 23. He did some of the television series as well. Some of his famous TV works include Maverick and The Saint and the Persuaders. His last James Bond installment “A view to kill” released when he was 58.

Chuck Berry

With the death of Chuck Berry, the musical world seems to have drowned in sorrow.  He wore many hats for being a song-writer, guitarist, and singer all at the same time. He swayed the world with his hits like “Sweet Little Sixteen”, “Roll Over Beethoven” and many.For more articles follow us on facebook and twitter, Kerala’s leading social media platform, news and media website in kochi, india.

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