Good cholesterol which is also commonly known as highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) can prove dangerous for your health. As per latest research and studies, ‘good’ cholesterol can increase the risk of premature death in the human being. It has been notified in the latest study published in the ‘European Heart Journal’.

Good Cholesterol Increases Mortality Risk

As per suggestions of our health experts, we know that higher level of good cholesterol is preferred. It is only the bad cholesterol (Lowdensity lipoprotein) that creates a risk for blockage in arteries. This old belief has been recently challenged by latest studies and research. It has proved the direct relationship between high HDL (Highdensity cholesterol) and excessive mortality in the human being.

What Does Study show Regarding Good Cholesterol (HDL)?

Around 0.4 percent of the men and 0.3 percent of the women possess high levels of HDL within their blood. These extreme levels of HDL were equal to or higher than 3.0 millimoles per liter for men and equal to or higher than 3.5 millimoles per liter for women.

Good Cholesterol

It has been shown in the studies that men bearing extremely high levels of HDL in blood possess higher chances of dying at a premature level than men possessing normal HDL level. While women with extremely higher levels of HDL have 68% chances to die at a premature level than a woman with normal HDL level.

Men with high HDL level have 36% higher mortality rate than men having normal HDL. Lowest mortality rate was found in men having medium levels of HDL. It was defined as 1.9 millimoles per liter for men and 2.4 millimoles per liter for women.

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