How would it be if we had an untangled life without any wires? There would be less confusions and mess for sure. Yes, these are true in some contexts.  In the coming year, the death of some of the unwanted cables of some useful devices is definite.

The expected devices to be without any wires include headphones, broadband connections and  the power cord of laptops.

Qi To Power Your Phone


The wireless charging seems to be more sophisticated and comfortable with Qi enabled technologies. Apple is adding this technology to their new iPhones. Simultaneously, Samsung’s new phones Galaxy S8 and Note 8 also feature this technology. The charging power station maker Powermat offers the compatibility to these phones.

Qi enabled lamps are also the best addition to your room and they declutter your desk too.

No More Wired Headphones

Wireless connections

It is the end of 3.5 mm audio jack that helps us enjoy the endless music. Now, the responsibility is resting on the shoulders of the bluetooth device. It will obsolete the existence of the wired earbuds in no time. Apple’s AirPods, Google’s Pixel Buds are without any earbuds.

Wireless Broadband Connections  

Your broadband connections is going wireless too. And all this is possible for the 5G technology. With Verizon launching the wireless connections, compatible with 5G;you can expect to get 10 times faster broadband connection at your home. And that too without any digging of the ground and any mess.

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