Did you know that the highly anticipated Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X is already in its final production stage?

We have all seen the current Thunderbird lineup from Royal Enfield. The bike has graced the Indian roads for many years. The look and feel of the bike have stayed the same for a while now.

Due to the increased revenue that Royal Enfield has been getting thanks to the higher sale figures of bullets, they are going to launch a new Thunderbird line up – Thunderbird 500X.

The 500X Comes With New Changes!

The new version of the bikes is called Thunderbird 500X. We know that this name will be on the bikes as the spy shots show the name being written on the bike. The Thunderbird 500X sports some cosmetic as well as mechanical changes.

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X comes with blacked out alloy wheels and tubeless tires. Both these features are missing from current Thunderbirds. Also, the bike is all blacked out except for the glossing engine cover which will come in 4 colors.

An Option Worth Considering!

The new bike will sport a matte black silencer to add to the sport and youthful look. It is safe to say that Royal Enfield ditched chrome for the more understated stealth look of black. The headlights and tail lamp remains the same while the new handlebar is a flat one.  Thunderbird 500X also gets a single seat setup as opposed to the current split ones.


If you were planning to buy a newRoyal Enfield Thunderbird, we recommend you to hold off for a while till the Thunderbird 500X hits the streets. It’s always nice to have more options!

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