Most people are largely active gamers at some stage in their lives. This actively later turns into addiction inviting health issues.

WHO (World Health Organization) has now revealed that it will recognize Gaming Disorder as a mental health problem.


Gaming turns into Addiction:

According to doctors, playing video games too often can turn into an addiction. However, what is surprising is that for many people this addiction doesn’t stop at a tender age. It has been a part and parcel of everyday lives of many youngsters and college students as well. This certainly leads to gaming disorder problem.

The dark side of this addiction:

The dark side of this wrong habit is that it can have unhealthy side effects on their mind in the long run. Such people may be a victim of a mental health condition known as “gaming disorder” which is likely to be recognized by the World Health Organization under International Classification of Disease in 2018.

As per the reputed psychiatrist, until now mental health professionals were considering gaming addiction as an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Symptoms of this condition:

According to The World Health Organization people suffering from gaming disorder can exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Losing control, or not knowing when, how, when not, and how not to apply gaming in his/her life
  • Choosing a digital escape over personal, family, and social obligations
  • Putting gaming above his/her best interests

In the year 2013, Internet Gaming Disorder was proposed to list under Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders but was slated for further study.

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