Let’s work out your chest!

Chest workout for men can be done by pounding the pectorals muscle with some conventional exercises for chest and finishing them with FST-7 training.

FST-7 or as known as “Fascial Stretch Training” is a training which can be done in seven sets.

fst-7 training

FST -7 Training

This type of exercise is done by stretching the fascia, some connective tissues which look like a web that envelope each muscle, so there will be more rooms for the muscle to grow. Then, finished with flexing it again so the blood which is filled with nutrients will be driven into the muscle. Because of that, your muscle will get an enhancement of its gains.

The set of muscle stretching can be done in 30 seconds and continuously followed by the set of muscle flexing in the next 30 seconds. After that, you can rest in about 45 seconds. Start again until you are done with the seven sets.

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Of course, for the best result, this workout has to be done as chest workout routines, such as once a week or two and three times in a month. For more articles follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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