Today people depend on the harmful drugs for their treatment. It invades their health care system badly. These drugs act as temporary means of treating a person and make his or her immune system weaker. It damages bio-energetic field of an individual. People also meet with critical pH balance.

The health of a person is defined by his or her longevity and quality of life. Most people are unaware of their amazing natural healing power of their body that forms pillars of their health. Four pillars of health and wellness are as described below-

  • Bio-Energetic Field or Aura


    The first pillar of health which is usually very essential for an individual is his or her external bio-energetic field or aura. This energy field can be compared with bio-energy field that surrounds the earth as a natural defence. It prevents from external forces. In this era of technology, we surround ourselves with electronic computers, gadgets, cell phones and other electronic items. Studies have shown that this makes our aura of magnetic external protection weak. It allows foreign elements to attack and enter the body. Thus, there is a need to strengthen and protect our aura or natural external defence.

  • Immune System

    Our internal defence is the second pillar of health and wellness. The immune system of the body naturally protects it from all diseases and foreign invaders. Our immune system consists of several numbers of stages and protective defence agents. Few of these agents consist of T-cells to B cells, killer cells, TH1 cells, TH2 cells, Cytotoxic cells and Suppressor T cells etc. These were naturally developed to ensure the health and wellness of the human body.

  • The pH Balance  

    The pH balance of the body is the third pillar of our health and wellness. When your pH balance is at alkaline level i.e. 7.356 or higher, it simply means your body is healthy. On the other hand, if your body has pH level below 7, it means that you have a diseased or sick body. Lower pH level indicates the acidic level of a body that means that body has greater chances of getting diseases. The factors like polluted environment, processed and overcooked foods, acidic beverages etc are responsible for low pH level.

  • Our Lifestyle 


    Our lifestyle is the fourth pillar of health and wellness. We need to include a healthy diet and regular exercise in our daily routine. Healthy lifestyle prevents us from occurrence of several diseases and boosts our immune system. We need to reduce the intake of pollution, stress, toxins, carcinogens and other drugs or harmful chemicals to prevent our body from any damage.

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