This year, the world met with some deadly natural disasters, from hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to landslides.

This year, destructive hurricanes came around Caribbean Islands, the Florida peninsula and the Texas coastline, monsoon floods killed many in South Asia, whereas mudslides and flooding have affected several people near Sierra Leone’s capital.

Let’s have a look at few deadly natural disasters that has jolted the world badly in this 2017


Earthquake in Mexico

An Earthquake with the magnitude of 7.1 in Mexico on 2- September 2017 has killed more than two hundred people.

Monsoon Flood in Bangladesh

Monsoon rain has created a disaster in some parts of the India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It has killed more than two thousand one hundred people this summer. This flood was regarded as the worst regional crisis by the aid agencies which have affected around forty million people.

Hurricane Maria in the Dominican Republic

Hurricane Maria which came in the Dominican Republic was regarded as a major Atlantic hurricane of the year 2017. It came on 24, September 2017.

Hurricane Irma in the USA and Caribbean

Hurricane Irma attacked the Florida Keys on 20 September 2017. Irma, which comes under the category of five storms, was felt as a most powerful storm of the decade and caused major destruction across the Caribbean and the Southern US.

Flooding and Landslides in Sierra Leone

The flood came in Sierra Leone on 14, August 2017 and killed around three hundred twelve people. It made more than 2000 people homeless due to heavy flooding and landslides.

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