You might have listened about healthy and tasty food. But have you ever listen about good luck brought by eating some foods? Yes, here we are talking about some foods that may change your life and bring good luck this year.

According to some traditions belonging to the Chinese and Thai culture, by eating a specific food, we can enhance our fortune.

Some of the significances of eating particular food are as specified below-

  • Fishes- Fish is well known for bringing good luck. It has been taught in several cultures that silvery and shiny fish can easily bring good luck, wealth as well as prosperity for a person. Fish lays several eggs at one time, which resemble abundance. Thus, you must include fish in your New Year party.
  • Lengthy Noodles- Long noodles are one of the traditional foods of China. This is a perfect New Year dish that signifies longevity. Chinese don’t break and cut noodles while cooking or eating, as per their tradition.
  • Green Veggies- Many cultures from the United States to Europe believes that dark green color of vegetables like spinach, beans resembles money. Also, green vegetables are good for health. So, this New Year Eve, have a full plate of green vegetables.
  • Oranges and Tangerines-Oranges and tangerines are very lucky according to Chinese culture. Oranges are known for bringing good luck while tangerines resemble wealth. These fruits, being citrus in nature, also symbolize abundance and happiness.
  • Nuts- Nuts represent new life and are most common things which are gifted at each festive occasion. These symbolize continuous prosperity. So, these are essentially included in New Year parties.

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