New Data Reveals that Facebook services are facing their tough time and gaining resistance among the Us facebook users.


Facebook Marketplace and Watch Needs Attention

A survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets for Facebook users in December has indicated that around seven in ten respondents have never opened the Marketplace tab on Facebook. Around eight out of ten people said that they have never opened Watch tab on the Facebook.

It is an indication that several Facebook users have yet to gain a genuine reason for engaging with the video services of Facebook. The Marketplace of Facebook is a consumer to consumer (C2C) e-commerce platform which has been launched by core app of Facebook. It represents items for sale in the nearby region.

Challenges Faced by Watch

Watch is a video platform that hosts episodic content just like a traditional television. Facebook presents Watch as a clear bid to compete with other services like YouTube. YouTube has developed its own empire in the world of social media. Watch has its aim to be a next digital celebrity in future after defeating YouTube.

Watch has also faced other challenges apart from negative attitude from the side of Facebook users. The latest research by Digiday reveals that the advertising revenue model does not satisfy the developers publishing the content. It is to employ on the video platform.

According to the report of the Digiday, many content developers had forced the Facebook for allowing them to sell both, mid-roll ads and sponsorships on their shows.In this manner, their initiatives monetize in a better way.

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