Facebook in its latest research has suggested that social media can cause damage to the mental health of its users when used in a particular manner.


Director of Facebook, David Ginsberg wrote a report with social psychologist Moira Burke. These two personalities cooperated with other psychology as well as sociology experts and mental health professionals to make this research.

Effect of Social Interaction on Users

Facebook said after its research that social media users who use to spend their lot of time only in reading the information do not feel good. On the other hand, social media users, who interact with others on social media platform feels better.

A study from the University of Michigan shows that college students who selected to only to read the Facebook for 10 minutes were in a bad mood at the end of the day. The students, who read as well as posted the messages are communicated to their friends, were in a good mood.

Facebook has also submitted a report on a survey done by the University of California San Diego and Yale. According to this report, there is a strong connection between the use of technology and teen depression. Mobile phones have become just a means of remaining ‘alone together’. The researchers have also found that few people become depressed just by watching posts of others on a social media platform. It is because they compare their life to others negatively.

This research has also found some positive results of using social media. The people who sent or received more messages and comments performed have shown improvements in social support and depression. These improvements were even better when users interacted with their friends and family.

Interpreters Says that Facebook Exploits Its Users

According to recent research, Facebook officials use to criticize the social media service for the harm it causes to the society. The founding president of Facebook, Sean Parket, has accused the social media services of using the methods that exploit the human psychology.

Sean Parker told that in the starting years of Facebook that main aim was to grasp more and more time as well as the attention of users. Parker further said that it created an addictive system among social media users. Facebook engaged a lot of people to seek more and more likes as well as comments.

A former executive of Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya recently revealed the fact that he feels guilty for helping out in the development of Facebook. He knew that something bad can happen. He further said that Facebook and other social media platforms offer tools that are developing in another way than the real human interaction in society.

A Newport research has declared the fact that social media use can break up the attention of people throughout the day. It can also reduce the ability of an individual to concentrate completely on a permanent basis. It can also limit education and job success of an individual.

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