Women are very conscious about their beauty. Nothing is better than few homemade DIY beauty hacks which can be applied very easily by anyone.

These beauty hacks can be performed easily with the help of things available at home. Few of the DIY homemade beauty hacks are as given below-

Homemade Beauty Tips

  • Make Use of Mayonnaise for Protecting Hair- It has been revealed by an actress that putting mayonnaise on the half bottom of the hair before having shampoo can prevent the moisture of the hair. Shampoo will not diminish the natural moisture of hair and will not make it dry.
  • Honey as a Face Mask- Honey bears a lot of antibacterial properties and is also quite effective for removing acne. Just spread the honey on your face and leave it for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash the face with hot water. It is the best thing available at home to enhance one’s beauty.
  • Use of Baking Soda for Making teeth Whiter- Are you scared of your yellow teeth and is looking for teeth whitening solution? There is no need to hire expensive teeth whitening kits. Just try out one tablespoon of baking soda along with three drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture just like toothpaste on your teeth. You will get pearly white teeth after this process.
  • Keep Beauty Products in the Fridge- Lot of beauty products such as nail varnishes, eyebrow and eyeliner pencils, and lipsticks can easily be kept in the fridge. Keeping these products in the chilled space will make them stay for long. It also makes lip and eye pencils tougher. Thus, these pencils will be easier to apply.
  • Using Serum along with Foundation- You can use serum along with a foundation to get an extra glowing skin. It is the best and surprising combination that makes your skin to glow more.

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