Sometimes, you may feel helpless when your stress level is extremely high. You may imagine that everything is going out of your hand. Your bills will not stop coming, your career and family responsibilities will be always in your head. You cannot escape from all these at all. Here comes the role of stress and time management.

Managing stress is all about refreshing your ideas, thoughts, emotions, schedule and your environment as well. Certain relaxation and stress management techniques will help you to face many challenges in your life. Here, we are going to discuss few do’s and don’ts of stress management.

Do’s –

  • Exercise is a key factor to reduce the stress level in the body of human being. It definitely promotes the overall fitness, helps to manage stress and balances the body hormones. It helps to raise the person’s ability to cope with stress.
  • Biofeedback is one of the methods of learning achievement of relaxation, controlling stress responses. In this method, certain parameters of the body are measured like heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity and others. Person after receiving feedback can learn to recognize the processes for bringing desired results.
  • Meditation helps a lot in providing physical as well as mental relaxation to a person. It offers emotional and mental balance to a human being.


  • One should completely avoid negative stress releasing activities like smoking, drinking alcohol, having drug abuse.
  • One should stop eating too much to get stress free.
  • One should not have excessive sleeping.
  • One should not spend long hours on television or computer.
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