The warning message inside the box of the new phone suggests- plug your phone once it reaches 100%; don’t’ overcharge your phone and don’t leave it overnight on charging. The paranoid Smartphone users like you do not pay any heed to this, thinking they are mere a warning and have nothing to do with the battery functions. If you replace your phone every year, it is not a matter of concern, but for those who want to use their phones for a couple of years, it does really matter.

Reasons not to Charge Overnight

Phone Charging
The capacity of your phone can reduce overtime not because you use constantly for different activities like texting, watching videos and listening to the music. But, the tendency to juggle between being at 100% and remaining just below that line may influence your phone to draw more power from the charger. This trickle charging characteristic of your Smart Phone can affect the battery’s capacity as it results in the rise of the temperature inside the battery. This is the case with your phone when you leave it to charge overnight hoping to get it at 100%. For more technical blogs follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

So, do not keep your phone on the charger to avoid the damage to your phone’s battery.

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