Nowadays, people want to have a fairer skin as they think that the whiter they are, the more beautiful they will be. Here are DIY tips to whiten your skin.

Using Lemon

First, you can try it by using lemon juice solution. You can make it easily by mixing lemon juice and water with 1:1 ratio. For your information, it has been known that lemon juice has a great potential as a natural skin whitener. Lemon juice contains acid that will help in bleaching your skin lightly and exfoliating the outer layer of your darker skin cells. No wonder that this solution has been used by so many women for a thousand years before.

Using Milk

Second, you also can use milk solution. Milk contains enzymes that can help in lightening your skin gently. It is known to be a great moisturizer for your skin. You can mix milk with other ingredients that you like. For example, to increase its ability, you can mix it with lemon. This lemon milk soak can be a full-body treatment in a soothing way. A great way to whiten your skin naturally, right?

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