Today is the world of an excess of everything that results in abundant waste. It causes harm to us and the environment as well.

By adopting zero waste and low waste lifestyle, we can easily protect ourselves, the resources and also the environment.

The zero waste lifestyle has only aimed to produce quite little waste, as much as possible. It involves focusing on using reusable and recyclable products. It cannot be done overnight and one has to adapt it gradually by developing an environmental-friendly routine. Here are a few tips for creating less waste as much as possible-

Get Some Personal Hygiene Habits

  • Start doing this one by one. Have a close look at your own garbage and create a list of few things that you are usually throwing. After watching the list, start altering your habits to create less waste as possible.
  • You need to stop using the disposable razor blades and replace the same with a metal safety razor blade.
  • Use easily biodegradable menstrual pads made by good companies. In this way, garbage disposal becomes easier.
  • Make use of easily disposable paper bags for shopping instead of plastic bags.
  • Make use of bamboo toothbrushes. It can reduce our waste entirely. You can use the discarded bamboo toothbrush as a garden marker.

Start Allocating Your Kitchen

You should assign a recycling bin, a compost bin, and a trash bin separately to your kitchen. There is need to mind each type of bin and watch carefully what goes in each bin. All the recyclable waste should be cleaned and reused as desired. You need to avoid putting meats, foods cooked in oil and dairy materials into the compost bin. The remaining of compost waste can be used in the garden for planting in the spring season.


Start Using Cloth Diapers instead of Disposable

A lot of waste emerges from baby diapers which are disposable. There are used several numbers of a diaper in a single day. It creates waste in abundant. You can easily make little-adjustment by switching to cloth diapers and wipes for your newborn. Though it will increase a lot of laundry work for you but will reduce the size of waste drastically.

Say No to Plasticware

Avoid using plastic materials for every work everywhere. No more use of plastic spoons, knives, and forks. At home, you can easily avoid the use of plastic utensils and replace the same with silverware. While on a picnic, you can make use of bamboo utensils. You should use paper plates instead of porcelain or ceramic dinnerware. There is a need to avoid the use of plastic containers for storage of food. Rather, you may use reusable jars and glassware for storing food in the fridge or a pantry.

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