It is true that color of your bedroom plays an important role to alleviate your mood on the daily basis. It may relax you at night and recharge you in the morning. So, choose the color of your bedroom wisely to have a mood accordingly.

Choose Your Color, Choose Your Mood

At first, decide which mood you prefer; feeling calm, relaxed, cozy or energized? One color may be calm for one person and may be depressing for another one. So, it is essential to choose the color personally.

  • Calm Mood- Colors for calm mood remind people of nature and water. Choose such color only when you use your bedroom for sleeping. Cool colors like blue, green and purple bring a sense of calmness in a person. White or off-white can also work. Blue color brings serenity; green encourages relaxation and reduces stress while purple represents luxury and elegance.
  • Romantic Mood- If you want to encourage romantic mood in your room, choose darker and warmer color. It excites mind as well as body and also enhances romantic mood. Colors like red, brown and pink can help you in this case. Red encourages passion, romance, and optimistic mood. Brown creates feelings of warmth, comfort, and security. Pink inspires both moods; calmness and romance in a person.
  • Energized Mood- If you want to energize your mood, have a warm color in a bright shade in your room. These colors are going to encourage cheer and energy in your mood. Colors like oranges and yellow can work well. Orange colors are playful and inspire you to be confident. Yellow offer fresh feelings to a person when used wisely with small doses or light shades.

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