Who is not crazy about Subway sandwiches? We all are a huge fan of it. After all, it provides a lot more than a normal sandwich to us.

Its softest bread containing a wide variety of veggies along with yummiest cheeses and sauces makes it so special that everybody will like it. It is easy to buy Subway sandwich from the market for a price but one will never find Subway sauces even for a higher price. All secret behind its taste resides in sauces of this sandwich.

Here, we are presenting few secret recipes of Subway sauces. Let us cook three different types of Subway sauces-

  • Creamy Ran
  • Honey Mustard
  • Mint Cilantro Mayonnaise

Creamy Ranch

Required Ingredients –You need garlic (one clove finely chopped), three tablespoons of cream cheese, one –fourth cup of buttermilk, one teaspoon minced parsley, the single tablespoon of mayonnaise, one-fourth teaspoon of mustard, one tablespoon sugar, salt and pepper as per taste.

Method-To prepare this delicious sauce, you need to put all the ingredients into an airtight jar and shake it well. Serve it along with salad bowl or Subway Sandwich.

Honey Mustard

Required Ingredients- All you need is one-fourth cup of mustard, one-fourth cup of mild honey, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and salt as per taste.

Method- Mix all the ingredients well and serve along with Subway sandwich.

Mint Cilantro Mayonnaise

Required Ingredients- For making this sauce, you need one cup mayonnaise, two tablespoon mint leaves (finely chopped), two teaspoons of onion powder and salt as per taste.

Method- Just give a mix of all given ingredients. Serve fresh with Subway sandwich.

All the given sauces are really quick to prepare and are most delicious, must try with your favourite Subway sandwich. For more tips follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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