Festive seasons mean king size decorations. And when it is Christmas, your decorations include lots of lights, trees and also wreaths. Let’s check some cool tech ways to decorate your space.

Holographic Santa

decorate home
Isn’t it amazing to have a holographic Santa in your yard, singing carols for you? Yes, in the age of advanced technology, you can have a wide array of options to decorate home, yard, entryway and house. Spruce up your space with a wholly animated Santa equipped to sing you a carol for a mesmerizing festive moment. There are more for you. Get Christmas-themed animations and also virtual Christmas trees for your lawn. If these are way too short to fulfill your purposes, get the animated picturesque scenes. You just need a projector, an open wall space and a sheer fabric to create the magic.

Flickering Flame Bulbs

Go for the lights to make your festive days luminous. They well fit into the socket to offer you the performance like regular bulbs. But, their animated flame is the real deal for you. These flickering flame bulbs are enough to transform your space in a bright and realistic looking rendezvous for your guests.

More such options and beyond with tech touches are easily available on e-retailers like Amazon and Flipkart. Check them out.

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