You may wonder what has to do with the blackberry in 2018!. But they are back in the business with their new flagship Blackberry Key 2. It’s a fact that Blackberry has a specific fan base who loves their physical keyboard trackball and stuff. It’s a brave move to switch to Android, yes Key2 is running Android 8.1.
We should say that Key2 is very solidly built. The back is made up of soft-touch textured black coloured plastic which neatly contrasts with the aluminium frame. It feels like a classy business phone in every aspect(I’m a fan of glassy though). I should say that the lack of IPS certification is a blemish in this price range. Key2 comes with 4.5 inches 1080p LCD display which is only kind of okay. It’s a setback that they just put the exact same display of its predecessor. It also got the usual backlit capacitive keys other than the keyboard. You’ll be pleased to see that it has got a convenience key on the right which can be mapped to several functions unlike the useless ‘Bixby’ button in Samsung (yes I am mean). Thank them..unlike many other flagships, they have included a micro sd card slot and a headphone jack.
Let’s start talking about the star of the show none other than the elegant blackberry keyboard. It highly resembles like the keyboard in the bold series. The keys give off a quick response and a clicky feel which we were missing by typing in the glass nowadays. I like the idea of putting the fingerprint sensor on the space-bar but sadly it’s not as reliable as others.
The flagship features of blackberry phones are still available which are the keyboard shortcuts in which you can do anything with a keystroke. Each key can hold 2 shortcuts accessed by short and long presses. Don’t be too eager to flash up your typing, it will need some time to get used to.
Top notch camera is a thing in today’s smartphone. A great camera is a deal breaker for many of the customers out there. Key 2 has all new dual camera setup with both shooters being 12mp. The primary one comes with greater pixel size and f/1.8 aperture and another one is a telephoto lens with an f/2.6 aperture which provides just 2x optical zoom. Of course, I prefer these kinds of set up which includes a telephoto one other than an entire lens for depth sensing!. It will be damn stupid to expect a flagship camera from a blackberry smartphone, so don’t go that far.
Personally, I am not a fan of that camera interface which looks lots like a viewfinder in a DSLR, but weird. It actually has full manual mode but why should we go all the way up to settings to switch it up. Details of the pics look okay but the co lours are certainly a bit over saturated. Camera fails to maintain consistent white balance and also doesn’t do justice to dynamic range. HDR mode adds more dynamic range but it softens images a bit. The low light performance of the camera is really under the par. The portrait works fine with ample light.
I should admit the fact the front 8mp shooter is really terrible. Images come out lacks detail, looks warmer and blown out highlights. |
It’s depressing that it comes with the mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor for their flagship range. But they tried to compensate it with the 6GB RAM. Despite it comes with the low processor Key 2 performs flawlessly in a day to day usage. But the end of the day SD660 cannot be compared with any flagship range processors. Gaming in Key2 adds insult to injury, hence it isn’t meant for gamers. The UI is optimized for productivity compromising performance. Key 2 constitutes a 3,500mah battery and it lasts more than a day for everybody.
It’s good news for the blackberry fans boys out there. Key 2 is the only option for those who want a blackberry experience in an android phone with a physical keyboard. It is a flagship phone with a mid-range processor which can handle your day to day tasks flawlessly.

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