Biogas is now creating interest in the mind of West and scientists are seeing it as cheap and great renewable source of energy.

Khadi and Village Industries Commission’s (KVIC) biogas programme is producing around 99.82 million cubic meters of gas. It is equivalent to 62 million liters of kerosene of value Rs.62.49 million. It is also equal to 11.20 lack tonne of high-quality organic manure that has worth of around Rs.50.86 million.

Few Benefits of Biogas


  • As a Fuel – An average family consisting of five people needs around 50 cubic feet gas per day for cooking. It also needs to get four hours of light between sunset and morning. In order to feed a plant of this size, family requires around five heads of cattle. Each of them developing around 13 cubic feet of gas each day. Thus, it is one of the cheapest sources of energy for us.
  • Hygienic Source of Energy – With use of biogas as a source of energy, there was seen a remarkable improvement in health as well as hygiene of people. There have been built community toilets for feeding the plant. Now agricultural refuses, flies as well as mosquitoes have disappeared, which were causing intestinal disorders, malaria etc. Around half of the dung requirements were fulfilled by buying from local shepherds and the by-products.
  • A lot of Savings- There is around 0.25 tonne of coal equivalent which is used as domestic fuel in India. It includes around 34.4 % consisting of wood, dry leaves, and agricultural wastes. After the introduction of biogas, around 34% per rural population has been affected by this. Thus, there are a lot of savings. It is also one of the finest ways to stop deforestation, enjoying ecological benefits and increased rainfall. It also leads to less soil erosion and preservation of wildlife.

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