It does not matter when to visit the beautiful place of Northern Norway as it has something special to offer at every season to its tourists. This place is a beautiful sight that one should visit in his or her life at least once. Here, we are going to share what Northern Norway has to offer visitors in each season-

Spring Season

Spring is an ideal time to visit Northern Norway as nature gets back into the life itself. It is also a perfect time to enjoy the ‘winter’ sports because there is plenty of snow, sufficient for the sports activities.The days are also longer as well as sunnier. There are also few dedicated ski resorts for enjoying the skiing activities at this place.

Till the late April, one can see a lush and blooming landscape because a large amount of snow has melted away. But a few parts of Northern Norway like Lofoten, still remains chill and stark in the spring season. It starts to bloom as the summer approaches. In case, you are willing to enjoy the wonder of the fruit tree blossoms, you need to move towards south to the Hardangerfjord.

Summer Season


Summer comes under the most popular seasons of Northern Norway. The prices are also at a premium level since June till the early September. Temperatures usually vary during the season of summer, it reaches sometimes even till 25-30°C during the day. Normal temperatures in few parts of Northern Norway like Bodo and Tromso, are between 12°C to 14°C. One needs to prepare him or herself for cooler days also.

Most of the tourists visit this place during the summer season for experiencing the midnight sun. It is because of the fact that the sun shines for longer hours. Many activities usually open at night during this season like sea kayaking, horse riding and the midnight golfing. Few inexpensive options are midnight swimming or pitching the tent in the wild regions etc.

Autumn Season

Autumn is another good time to visit Northern Norway. There are sufficient sunny days in the September and October but much fewer tourists. The mountainous plains, as well as dense woodlands, look awesome this time. It is because the trees have transformed their colors to autumn colors. As the daylight remains till the late afternoon, thus there is sufficient time for enjoying outdoor activities like trekking and nature safaris. It is also an ideal time of the year to watch the Northern Lights.

Winter Season


In the winter season, Northern Norway looks like a frosty tundra. The landscape is fully covered with snow. Nights are long and extremely chilled with the temperature below freezing. In few places like Tromso, the sun does not rise from mid-November till the late January. Tourists get good opportunity to visit Northern Lights that looks stunning during dark and cloudless nights. By booking a whale safari in Andenes in the month of January or February, one can visit sperm whales, killer whales, and the humpback whales.

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