Shazam, one of the most downloaded apps helps to identify the song playing around users and connects with the service to download or stream it. For more than 10 years, Shazam has been doing its job successfully. This popular app is now being acquired by Apple for $400 million, and is considered as the best deal for music app. This acquisition is also its part of expanding company’s music business.

Shazam’s Background:

This British company started its journey in 2002 by offering phone service helping users to identify music.

In fact, it was a sensation due to its ability to recognize the music played around the user. Users needed to dial 2580 to find the source of music. Shazam responded with a text message having all the information of the artist and title of the song. Later in the year 2008, the company introduced ad-supported app and launched it on the Apple App store. It instantly started earning money through music referrals.

The Long Lasting Apps:

App Shazam

However, in the age when every other app is turned down by users, Shazam remains the most used and continues to be the favourite app. In case of Apple, this acquisition is like getting mass customer base and data under best deal.

However, it is unclear whether Shazam will remain a standalone app or will be absorbed into Apple Music. But the deal defines Apple’s seriousness towards the battle of mobile music customers.

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