Baby showers preserve a special moment for every mom-to-be. And the baby booties can be an amazing addition to the party, you throw to seek the blessings of your loved ones.

It requires nothing but some DIY skills to create the baby booties. Make them with colourful tissues, ribbon, and some small cups along with the glue. Make your baby booties a center of attraction by complementing with the colour scheme of your party.


  • Cut tissue papers in squares measuring 10 inches each side.
  • Now get some white tissue papers to form them into balls with the 2-inch diameter.
  • Get a paper cup and put the paper ball in front of the cup over a tissue paper.
  • With the ball facing the cup, wrap the tissue around the cup and fix it with glue.
  • Press the bootie with another cup and remove it. Now, it appears like a perfect bootie.
  • Tie colour ribbon around the rims of the cup and make it look like shoelaces.
  • To give your bootie a rubber sidewalls look, stick a white paper strip around the sidewall of the bootie.
  • Now add a cap toe made from a white paper piece to the front of the bootie.
  • Fill the booties with your favourite candies.

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